Top Online Marketing Tactics To Get More Visitors To Your Website

May 13th, 2014

The age of the Internet is well underway, and its effects can be felt throughout the entire global economy. The most profitable and effective businesses are, invariably, those with a powerful online presence. They use this presence to attract leads that turn into customers through a well managed marketing system.

The most effective tools available for most businesses are those that have stood the test of the time: Google Adwords, and SEO. Unless your brand is already so visible that people will search directly for you by name, you have a lot to gain by placing well crafted and highly targeted ads that address your public, and by making your website visible within the context of a keyword-based search engine query.

Working With Google

Using Adwords to generate visitors remains one of the most tried and true methods available to the modern website owner. For as long as Google retains its place as a generalized active noun for any internet search, you can reliably bank on being able to reach website visitors, readers, leads and sales through the appropriate use of their system.

The key to making this profitable is through the use of pay per click ads. You pay for these ads based on the number of individuals who click on them, meaning guaranteed website visitors that, if the rest of your site’s content is sufficiently compelling, will turn into profits through sales or other revenues.

PPC ads are usually highly lucrative, but have to be designed thoughtfully in order to be effective. That means targeting the users who are most likely to use your website’s services while ignoring those who have no interest, or whose needs are not met by your particular service.

Determining Your Cost Per Click

In order for pay per click ads to be effective, you have to determine your conversion rate – that is, the ratio between the number of people who visit your website and those who actually purchase your service, buy your product or remain engaged long enough for you to turn a profit.

If your product turns a very high profit on a single sale, then it can be worthwhile to have 1000 clicks to pay for if a single one of them turns into a satisfied customer. If not, then you need to reduce the costs by other means or target your specific customer base more effectively.